Door Hangers:
The Handshake You Leave Behind

Your business card and the handling thereof is a reflection of you personally and professionally. It can tell a lot about you. A business card can be part of the first impression someone has of you and part of the lasting memory you leave with them as well. It is as important as your handshake. In fact, it is the handshake you leave behind.

4.25x11 - Low Price

• 14pt (Thick) Paper
• NO Business Card Slits or Perf
• Semi-Gloss Coating

4.25x11 - With BC Slit

• 14pt (Thick) Paper
• With Business Card Slits
• Various Coating Options

4.25x11 - With BC Perf

• 14pt  (Thick) Paper
• With Business Card Perf
• Various Coating Options